Some Assorted Poetry...

This is a small collection of poetry which I felt like including on the site. Some of the poetry here was written by me, during and after a poetry class I took while in college. Some of the poetry here was written by friends and other people I know. Also included are lyrics to several songs which I like for one reason or another. Enjoy...

because I feel like it

indentation spacer - the second and last (love poem)

  "I want you to know that I hate you, baby.
  I want you to know I don't care.
  I'm happy when you're not around me,
  Glad when you're not there."
The Sex Pistols, "Whatcha' Gonna Do About It?"

Your combat boots looked naked w/out you
inside of them.
They were lying
by your bed like cast off
  Neglected, really.

    So      I

sat on the corner of a chair & stared
at your boots cuz
if I looked at you too
long, that old bitch,
    - lust -
would rise up
again & alien ideas would give birth to even more
alien actions.
My head could have been
so easily entered

indentation spacer(terrorized

indentation spacerrecognized)

indentation spacerat twelve o'clock.
I chainsmoked to give my lips something to do. Later,
I buzzed endlessly cuz Philip Morris wasn't accomplishing
I do apologize, but I got nervous, & even more incoherent,
when I discovered that I sort of kind of maybe actually
you. I think I even said heroin was better than sex
at some point. I only mentioned it because I didn't
you to think sex meant anything to me. It was a pretty
stupid thing to say, anyway. When I got home, I wrote a
& drank some orange juice & washed my socks & tried
to convince myself that I really was just as cold and
as I've always been & nothing was different now except

indentation spacerthe name.

-- copyright Siouxzin, 1996