Some Assorted Poetry...

This is a small collection of poetry which I felt like including on the site. Some of the poetry here was written by me, during and after a poetry class I took while in college. Some of the poetry here was written by friends and other people I know. Also included are lyrics to several songs which I like for one reason or another. Enjoy...


There was urgent need-
singular, motivating-
that led me to this lonely place,
indentation spaceralone.
indentation spacersometimes guided
by silver whispers flying
on the night; as silver leaves will flutter,
circling about me,
On these confused and liquid thoughts
I am carried,
indentation spacertossed about
while tornindentation spacerapart
to slowly recongeal as something foreign
finds its focus
indentation spacerin my eyes,
indentation spacermy arm.
indentation spacerExperience.

indentation spacerDarkness.
Feeling comes
something like sleep.
indentation spacerDreams.
indentation spacerDeath.
It flows and I am
indentation spacerconnected,
indentation spacercradled
indentation spacerand borne.

-- andrew hreschak