Some Assorted Poetry...

This is a small collection of poetry which I felt like including on the site. Some of the poetry here was written by me, during and after a poetry class I took while in college. Some of the poetry here was written by friends and other people I know. Also included are lyrics to several songs which I like for one reason or another. Enjoy...

in Transit

indentation spacer(-and unfinished)

Red clay bakes
beneath sweltering sun:
burnt-sienna pastel smeared
and intermittent green.
We pass through
a sprawling sea of sands
under curtains that shimmer
We are encased, cocooned
in the rusted shell of this truck that rolls.
Sheltered within, we escape
the burning gold
in the sky.
Protected like infants,
we race in air-conditioned comfort;
there is no heat.
This is not our world.
There is no danger.
Walled in our ignorance
we search the static on the dial;
the last hints of human voice,
that little remainder of civilization,
fade to crackle.
Our beacon lost, we are

-- andrew hreschak