Some Assorted Poetry...

This is a small collection of poetry which I felt like including on the site. Some of the poetry here was written by me, during and after a poetry class I took while in college. Some of the poetry here was written by friends and other people I know. Also included are lyrics to several songs which I like for one reason or another. Enjoy...

The Memory of You

Such are you, O Spirit of God without equal;
a sober face over these waters;
more than any other.
indentation spacerO my insanity! Behold,
what was obscure and like wind, that came
without a whisper.
indentation spacerAnd O,
how I behold
and hear!
Likewise the siren for St. Gloria
was a similar alarm,
and I fly falteringly
back to the Most Holy Virgin.
I wish not to think of them;
my imagination, curiosity
led only to ruin.
No peace,
beneath and also beside, but without that entrance
to the Divine.

Such are you, O Spirit of God without equal,
as sober as one newborn.
And as a newborn myself, escaping,
indentation spacerto the sea which I approach.
Or you.
indentation spacerThe curiosity is revived
enter those placid margins and approach
the deeps by foot.

And everyone
became happy.
indentation spacerEveryone.
indentation spacerWithout me:
indentation spaceroverwhelmed.
O my insanity,
which renders me darkly submerged.

-- andrew hreschak