Migration... The Dawning of a New Era...

By the late 1970's, ska music would be on the uprise in England.

The Specials, Two-Tone SkaHaving bridged the distance across oceans, it was now time to bridge the gap between colors. According to Pauline Black of The Selecter, the second wave of ska music, "was basically about black and white people playing together."

The movement that would come to be known as 2 Tone was symbolic of the struggle against racial tensions that existed between black and white in British society. The two-tone color scheme that became popular during this period was likewise symbolic of this struggle, visible in the artwork and clothing styles of the time.

Ska bands began to form thoughout the United Kingdom, most often of mixed ehtnic backgrounds. The primary theme behind the music they played was an attempt to cease the racial discrimination that had existed for some time.