Building on the First Wave...

Bands like Madness, The Beat, The Selecter, The Bodysnatchers, and the Specials revitalized the classic ska sounds of Prince Buster and other first wave artists, tribute being paid in the form of remakes of many of the original first-wave classics. Another band not on the two tone label but associated closely with the two-tone movement is Bad Manners.

Additionally, there was a cross-over of first wave artists in the 2Tone era. Rico Rodriquez, who sat in with the Specials, was trained by Don Drummond and played as a studio musician in Jamaica.

2Tone, at one time or another, boasted the membership of J.B. Allstars, Madness, Rico Rodriguez, The Apollinaires, The Bodysnatchers, The Friday Club, The Higsons, The Selecter, The Specials, The Special AKA, The Swinging Cats, and The Beat (who were known as the English Beat in the US because a band called the Beat already existed). There was also a single from Elvis Costello. Of note here is the fact that the Costello single "I Can't Stand Up for Falling Down" became tied up in legal fights, and was never sold. Copies of the song were given away to fans at Costello shows. Costello produced the first Specials LP and was a producer and guest singer on the Nelson Mandella 12" single by the Special AKA in '84).