The Bodysnatchers...

The Bodysnatchers, second wave skaThe Bodysnatchers were a seven-member rocksteady band from London. Formed in mid-1979 during the British ska-revival movement by bassist Nicola, it was the only all-female band of the of the 2-Tone era. They were fronted by vocalist and song-writer Rhoda Dakar; their first gig was on Saturady, November 24, 1979 at the Windsor Castle pub in London.

At first, the group relied mainly on covers, such as "007 (Shanty Town"), "Monkey Spanner" and "Double Banner", but they rapidly progressed towards adding a number of originals to their repertoire. Swiftly escalating notoriety brought the Bodysnatchers to the attention of the Selecter, who arranged for them to be signed to 2-Tone Records and offered them the support stint on their UK tour in early 1980.

Unfortunatley, the group never released any full length albums, although they did put out several singles the 2-Tone record label (Which was formed by Specials' founder Jerry Dammers). Their first was Let's Do the Rock Steady (1980), which entered the British charts at number 44 and peaked at 22 in early May of 1980.

Interesting note: The Boiler, a hair-raising song about date-rape, is quite well-known for the Special AKA's rendition, although in fact it was first and foremost a Bodysnatchers original!

In addition to their singles, the Bodysnatchers are also included in several compilations as well as the movie Dance Craze, which sees them covering Desmond Dekker's ever-popular "007 (Shanty Town)". The Dance Craze compilation album offers their tune Easy Life; another compilation, This Are 2-Tone, includes the Bodysnatchers' Too Experienced; and yet another, rather recent compilation album, A Checkered Past : the 2-Tone Collection, features several more of their recordings, including Ruder than You.

The Bodysnatchers played together for approximately two years; the group disbanded in late 1981. Rhoda went on to sing for the Special AKA, while four of the other members moved on to become a new group called the Bell Stars, who actually managed to hit the UK Top 40 several times between 1982 and 1983. The rest of the members faded into relative obscurity...

I give The Bodysnatchers specific mention here
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